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Floral Arrangements

Floral Arrangements

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Stix & Stemz offers the best floral arrangement options available to suit your personal preference and taste. Whether you are selecting centerpieces or bouquet, to the very last detail, we will make the process exciting and fun. Our team is dedicated to creating impressive arrangements that decorate your event and make lasting memories. Creating the look of each flower’s array and accent can turn your occasion into an unforgettable one. We not only make beautiful arrangements we create exactly what you want. Roses, Calla Lillies, and Hydrangeas are some of the flowers that create wonderful arrangements and presentations. Final placement and transport is also critical and highly important when handling our client’s designs. While maintain any budget constraints and working with your theme, Stix & Stemz is a premier floral design company.

red arrangementPlease call to schedule an appointment, or email us for more information. Our products are eco-friendly business and thrive on helping to keep our communities, cities and environment clean. To ensure you receive the highest quality of flowers from our company, we urge you to book your event in advance.

Bridal Bouquets

Biedermeier: A tightly arranged nosegay consisting of concentric circles of various differently colored flowers. The blooms are wired into a holder, with one flower variety per ring.
Cascade: A waterfall-like spill of blooms, often composed of ivy and long-stemmed flowers, that is wired to cascade gracefully over the bride's hands.
Classic bouquet: A dense bunch of blooms that can be anchored in a bouquet holder, wired, or hand-tied.

Other Flowers & Arrangements

Boutonniere: A single bloom or bud (or several small buds) attached to the left lapel of the jacket. Boutonnieres can be worn by grooms, attendants, ushers, and the bride's and groom's fathers.
Candelabra: A floral centerpiece created at the base, neck, or top of a multi-armed candelabra. Such a centerpiece is usually touched with flowing greens or ribbons, depending on the wedding's style.
Corsage: A single bloom (or small cluster of blooms) arranged against a lace or tulle doily and/or accented with ribbon. Corsages come in pin-on, wrist, and hand-held styles and are typically worn by mothers and grandmothers. Orchids and gardenias are popular choices.