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    Kristalyn and Kendall

    Stix & Stemz is headed to Detroit to construct one of the greatest wedding decor presentations ever. The bride and groom are so wonderful and are a great inspiration for creativity and inspiration. You can feel the love in the room!

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    Weddings & Planning

    Weddings are something special and will forever be moments of family, fun and love. These precious times that we share should be treated delicately and with the utmost care. Finding exactly what you want in style and in color can be difficult. Just remember that these moments should be enjoyed and not strenuous. Plan to enjoy these times of fun and love. Cheers!

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    Location, Location, Location

    Chicago and Detroit are some of the fabulous places to host a Special Event or Wedding. The culture and vitality of these two town helps to bring an added excitement. In Chicago, we have provided services at: Palmer House Hilton, Rockefellar Chapel at U of C, Wildfire and Chicago Cultural Center. In Detroit, we have created designs at: The Roostertail, The Inn at St. Johns and Dearborn Inn.

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